Wellington, FL: Things To Do, Attractions & Events (2024)

Wellington, FL: Things To Do, Attractions & Events (1)

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Saddle up for an equestrian adventure.

Sandy beaches give way to greener pastures for horse lovers in Wellington. Home to an internationally recognized equestrian community (with a social scene to match), this city in The Palm Beaches offers endless opportunities to play by day and ride off into the sunset at night.

Each January through April, Wellington’s equestrian season leaps into action. The Winter Equestrian Festival welcomes the world’s top riders in show jumping and dressage for 12 weeks of competition. During Palm Beach International Polo Season, you can’t swing a mallet without hitting a daily event, field-side brunch or champagne-soaked party. Capping it all off is the International Gay Polo Tournament, with non-stop excitement happening on and off the field. Find a fabulous hat for the match (or just a little retail therapy) at The Mall at Wellington Green.

Had enough horseplay? You’ll find a variety of beaches near Wellington, like nearbyLake Worth Municipal Beachwith its popular fishing pier (don’t forget to snap aselfie!) andPalm Beach Municipal Beach, a public beach only steps from shopping mecca Worth Avenue.Don’t forget to stop by the iconic Worth Avenue Clock Tower for a photo on your way over to do some boutique shopping. As you head west on Worth Avenue, explore the many high-end clothing stores, fine art galleries and quaint cafés that line the street.

You could easily spend an entire day at theWellington Environmental Preserve, featuring nature trails, a six-story observation tower and, of course, an equestrian trail. Designated learning areas reveal insights into the surrounding environment. More outdoor adventure awaits atPeaceful Waters SanctuaryandScott’s Place Playground.

In Wellington, the best of The Palm Beaches is at your fingertips.

Wellington, FL: Things To Do, Attractions & Events (2)

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What is Wellington, FL known for?

Wellington, Florida is sometimes called the “Equestrian Capital of the World,” due to its slew of equestrian events. This Florida town actually hosts the 12-week Winter Equestrian Festival every year.

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Does Wellington, Florida have a beach?

Wellington isn’t on the coast of Florida, so there aren’t any beaches within this particular town. However, you can easily make your way to loads of nearby beaches, including Lake Worth Municipal Beach, Palm Beach Municipal Beach, and John D. MacArthur Beach State Park.

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Is Wellington, Florida crowded?

For the most part, Wellington, Florida is not crowded, but there can be slightly more crowds during peak season (winter).

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Does Wellington, Florida have a downtown?

Like many of the cities in Florida’s Palm Beaches, Wellington doesn’t have an official downtown. But in this particular town, almost all of the best shopping and dining is found along Forest Hill Boulevard.

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Does Wellington, Florida have a boardwalk?

Wellington, Florida has a couple of boardwalks. First, there is one in Pine Valley Preserve, which is great for a calming stroll through nature. There’s also a second boardwalk at the Peaceful Waters Sanctuary, which is particularly great for bird watchers in the winter.

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Is Wellington, Florida good for a family vacation?

Wellington, Florida has loads of kid-friendly activities, making it great for a family vacation. Watch the horse jumping competitions at the Palm Beach Equestrian Center, enjoy the ocean-themed playground at Tiger Shark Cove, and say hello to the animals at the Wellington Conservation Center.

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How accessible to airports is Wellington, Florida?

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is just 15 miles from Wellington. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) (54 miles) and Miami International Airport (MIA) (72 miles) are both great alternatives as well.

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What public transport options are in Wellington, Florida?

Palm Tran is the only public transportation option in Wellington, Florida. This convenient bus system runs through all of Palm Beach County, so it’s easy enough to hop on board and explore the rest of Florida’s Palm Beaches.

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What is the best time of year to visit Wellington, Florida?

Thanks to ideal weather conditions, winter is widely believed to be the best time to visit Wellington, Florida.

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What is the history of Wellington, Florida?

In 1951, Charles Oliver Wellington, a New York businessman and investor, purchased 18,000 acres of swampland at the edge of the Everglades. But it wasn’t until December 31, 1995 that this land became an official town known as Wellington, Florida.

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What are the main draws / top attractions / top things to do in Wellington, Florida?

You can’t visit the equestrian capital andnotsee some horses. Luckily, the Palm Beach Equestrian Center has equestrian events all winter long.

But horses aren’t the only animals you’ll find in Wellington. At the Wellington Conservation Center, you can interact with lemurs, sloths, porcupines, capybaras, and all sorts of other animals!

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Wellington, FL: Things To Do, Attractions & Events (2024)
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