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"Do not toy with the supernatural."

Two stories of the consequences that descend upon humans who venture beyond the safe confines of their ordinary worlds.

When a gorgeous girl named Rima transfers into Masami's class, she's not only jealous, but also deathly frightened of her. While the boys in class are tripping all over themselves to get to Rima, Masami's having nightmares of a ghastly visitor and finding scars on her body come morning. She asks a friend to help her get evidence to confirm her suspicions about the new girl. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth far more. The truth can set you free, but it can also be more terrifying than anything you can imagine.

Shy Miko and her more outgoing friend Nanako are enjoying their summer vacation, trying to make the most of their youth. But when horror-movie marathons just aren't thrilling enough, Nanako sets her eyes on a new target: an abandoned mansion at the edge of town, said to be haunted. With two other friends in tow, a reluctant Miko and a gung-ho Nanako enter the mansion. Soon, everything that can go wrong starts going wrong. Only luck or a miracle will allow them manage to escape the mansion with their lives, their sanity, and even their sense of reality.

(Source: Hanako)

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Umezu, Kazuo

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Mar 25, 2012



Esta review también está en español.

Forgotten Horror, Chapter 2: Umezu Kazuo no Noroi
Greetings, and welcome to a new edition of what I hope will be a long cycle in which we could rediscover old movies, series and OVA that nobody saw. Today, I'll bring you a little gem lost in time, called The Curse of Kazuo Umezu. This OVA is composed of two short stories with all that generic horror (but clean, and full of personality) that we, the fans, love so much :D.

The first story focuses on Masami, a normal high school girl. One day, a new student comes to her class: it's called ...

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Oct 1, 2019



Sound Sound Sound Sound Sound.

50% why this OVA works so well was because of effective usage of sound. They did something rare. They gave room to build an atmosphere with it at the helm. Environmental ambience and the soundtrack brought these stories to life.

It wasn't anything groundbreaking storywise, but for what it is, it was great.

I didn't think i would ever say this.. You should watch this for Halloween. It's just about the perfect anime for that time of year.

And how timely of me, i got to write this review just in time for this year's Samhain..

Edit: Okay. So i noticed an unfair ...

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Aug 13, 2013


Mixed Feelings

Two fun little ghost stories to watch on a rainy night ....

The first story tells about Masami and the pretty new girl Rima that transfers to her school. After her arrival, Masami has terrible dreams and feelings regarding her... believing Rima to be a vampire.... but what will the video camera reveal?

The second story is about two high-school aged friends Miko and Nanako who decide to investigate an old mansion on the edge of town for ghosts .... what will they find?

The stories themselves are pretty stereotypical, and honestly, the animation and music are not that great. (The music is 80s synthesizer-tastic) I still found ...

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